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Alex Karaconji - Traffic Light

Screening and Artist’s talk

10 June 2023

1 Borthwick Street SE8 3GH London

6:00 PM

tickets £3.50 or donation / pay what you can  (no one will be turned away due to lack of funds)

A special event featuring the work of Alex Karaconji – a Gadigal land-based artist whose works range across drawing to painting and animation. His work is inspired by the relationship of people with their living environment, especially at present and what is a consistent part of it: surprise, change, nesting and relocating. Random moments creating long-lasting memories.

Down the road from my studio, there used to be a traffic-themed bike track for kids.

On the bus rides in, I’d often stare in amazement at how closely it resembled its life-sized equivalent: the traffic lights, speed humps, road signs.

It was demolished a year ago, but at the time I felt a strange affinity for the space.

Its precision overshadowed its function as a bike track, transforming it into a weirdly moving slice of adult life.

Like the bike track – but more intentionally – I try to make works that eclipse their function as visual representations. – Alex says about his work process.

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alex karaconji traffic light

Alex Karaconji, Forbes Street, painting on canvas


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