Current exhibition

In The Belly Of It All

Clara Kelly

24th February 2023

Clara Kelly is a Textile and Paper Artist who is based in South East London. Her Textile work often takes the form of sculptural, abstract figures, reminiscent of prehistoric idols. She is an avid researcher of world textiles and cultures and these influences can often be felt in her work.

Specialising in hand embroidery at Bath Spa University, Clara graduated in 2010 with first in Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors. This technique is a predominant feature in Clara’s work, as is the recurring theme of Identity.

Clara Kelly, Snake Bird, sculpture, 2023, photo by Jamie Temple


It's Real Outside

Group Exhibition

16th September – 1st October 2022

‘It’s Real Outside’ was a group exhibition celebrating the first year of exhibitions at dept.con.temporary and drawing from a growing community of South London artists connected to the gallery. The show was a part of 2022 edition of Deptford X festival.

Curated by co-founders Karolina Glusiec and Jamie Temple and featuring recent works from 19 artists including selections of paintings, drawings, moving image, sculpture, textiles, original prints and ceramics.

Exhibiting artists: Joshua Armitage, Helen Ashton, Katerina Athanasopoulou, Stuti Bansal, Nathalie Coste, Tom Dowse, Karolina Glusiec, Ian Gouldstone, Jack Greeley-Ward, Lily Holder, Martin Jackson, Clara Kelly, Charlie Mann, Peter Millard, Lily Pearmain, Edwin Rostron, Frances Stanfield, Jamie Temple, Fredrix Vermin


It’s Real Outside group show, 2022, gallery view, photo by Jamie Temple


Edwin Rostron

2nd July – 22nd July 2022

An exhibition of new paintings, drawings and animation from Edwin Rostron, ‘Fragments’ which is the artist’s first solo show.

These works come out of a time when Edwin was consciously trying to shift his practice into some new territory. The drawings were made quickly and spontaneously, often taking the form of imaginary portraits or abstract compositions. The animation works are mostly very short loops, also made very quickly, utilizing whatever drawings or other materials that were to hand, and usually shot on a phone in between other activities.


Fragments, Edwin Rostron, 2022, gallery view, photo by Jamie Temple

An Infinite Raft (or) A Constant Desire to Look for a Side Door

Karolina Glusiec

April 30th – May 21st 2022


We are very pleased to be opening An Infinite Raft Or A Constant Desire to Look for a Side Door, an exhibition featuring new work from multidisciplinary artist Karolina Glusiec, developed over the past year and presented here in her first solo exhibition in the UK.


An Infinite Raft (or) a Constant Desire to Look for a Side Door,  Karolina Glusiec, 2022,  gallery view, photo by Jamie Temple

Higher Ground

Jamie Temple

18th March  – 16th April 2022


Emerging from the process of collecting and developing  sculptural works, Higher ground envisions the parallel and symbiotic coexistence of ephemeral, man-made and natural elements.

Rooted in fragments of landscape embodied into objects of material memory, they reflect on the transformative powers of wind, fire and water.



Higher Ground,  Jamie Temple, 2022,  gallery view, photo by Jamie Temple


Frances Stanfield

25th November – 14th December 2021


An exhibition of selected paintings, prints & plates from artist Frances Stanfield – works of abstracted figures and forms exploring sexuality, gender, power and memories held within the body.

Frances’s practice moves through drawing, printmaking and painting, continuously working back and forth between processes as they feed into one another to create layered and complex compositions of line, texture and colour. She often uses her art as a means of reflection, a way through which she can process memories and feelings, capturing and holding them amongst energetic and emotive marks on paper, panel or canvas.


Feeling,  Frances Stanfield, 2021,  gallery view, photo by Jamie Temple

From Winter to Winter Again

Martin Jackson

1st – 2nd October 2021


An exhibition of recent drawings an animations by Martin Jackson. His most recent works, featured in the exhibition titled “From Winter To Winter Again” began life in spring 2020, initially through a series of observational sketches of surrounding weeds and flowers portraying the changes of the seasons and later growing into a series of drawings and animated sequences.

From Winter to Winter Again,  Martin Jackson, 2021,  gallery view, photo by Karolina Glusiec

The House Among The Meadows

Helen Ashton

27th- 28th August 2021


Helen Ashton (aka Pat Lunch) showing for the first time a series of drawings and prints focused on areas local to the artist, places like Deptford High Street or by the junction where Florence Road meets Lewisham Way.

Here, Ashton presents depictions of places and objects that are time worn and bandaged together by tape. Interested in the aesthetic of arrested decay and ‘make do and mend’ that features so heavily in the South East London landscape, she relays her fascination with the municipal environment through printmaking and drawing.


Eat Well,  Helen Ashton, 2021,  acrylic on paper, gallery view, photo by Jamie Temple


Peter Millard

13th- 14th August 2021


An exhibition and screening of new works from artist Peter Millard. Previewing a selection of animations alongside an exhibition of new sculptures. The screening will be followed with a short Q&A with the artist.

Peter Millard is an acclaimed animator and artist from the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, England. His independent animated films have been shown at short film festivals around the world, collecting numerous awards. Alongside animation Millard’s practice extends to sculpture and sound, and he currently works from his studio in Deptford, South East London.


Friendsss,  Peter Milard, 2021,  gallery view, photo by Karolina Glusiec

Temporary Living Conditions

Karolina Glusiec and Jamie Temple

23rd- 24th July 2021


An exhibition of works from the studio of artists Karolina Glusiec and Jamie Temple made throughout 2021, spanning drawing, printmaking and mixed media.


Monuments,  Jamie Temple, 2021,  gallery view, photo by Jamie Temple


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